Isla Holbox, Mexico

Our recent visit to Isla Holbox.  This was a fantastic three day stop after our wedding.  No sargasso, weather was great, water was smooth for swimming with the whale sharks, reef snorkeling with all kinds of fish, sharks, turtles and rays.  Visit to bird island to see the flamingos in their natural habitat, a fresh water spring and another version of Isla Pasion.  No cars on the island, taxis driving golf carts and plenty of places to venture at night for entertainment.

We did have an interesting situation with Melmac.  When flying over the ocean there was a period of time I completely lost control and the drone decided it wanted to fly away.  The captain of the boat and the passengers were patient enough to help me chase down the drone and as you see in the video we tried to grab it from the air and missed it. Of course we succeeded in the second attempt or we would not of have the footage for this video!


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