Catemaco, Mexico

A recent trip to Catemaco Mexico. The first stop at the water fall was amazing. The force you feel when close to the water is extreme. When I mentioned to Laura that I had to fly the drone to capture the moment she refused. She was right, the wind was extreme and spray was everywhere. We managed to get just far enough away to launch Melmac and get the footage you see in the film.

The second stop on Lake Catemaco was initially thought to be a little boring, it turned out to be incredible.  We took the pango cruise over to the Shaman house to be cleaned, stopped at Isla de las Garza to see the huge amount of birds hanging around in their natural environment and then to Isla de las Changos to see the two different monkeys.  They were scared of the drone and ran away once I was able to get close to the Island.

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