Santorini, Greece

Of the many cities we visited on our honeymoon, Santorini ranked as one of our top locations. The cruise stop to Santorini was fairly short, half day. We got ashore, climbed the 588 steps on the donkey poo covered path to the top which you will see at the end of the video. The view is breath taking and so are the steps. You have the choice of taking the cable car but in our case the line was over two hours long so we chose to climb. We arrived to the top and rented ATV's and raced down to South East side of the island to Kamari to see the black sand beaches, truly amazing. Back on the ATV we took the scenic route north and headed to Oia. After a short stop to experience some local red wine at the Sigalas Winery we proceeded down the little road to Ammoudi to grab a few shots and footage of the dock. We didn't have the time to walk the path on the side of the mountain which looked very interesting. We headed back to Fira to return the ATV and capture the amazing sunset. The music in this video was also captured on the walkway which you will see.


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