Corinth, Greece

Another venture on our honeymoon trip, Corinth Greece. A two hour drive from Athens. We met "Lefty" our taxi tour guide at the port. He was great, when he saw the drone and the footage he took us places to capture amazing footage. Stop 1, the Corinth Canal which connects the Gulf of Corinth with the Sanoric Gulf.

Stop 2, Ancient Corinth is a archaeologic spot and flying over was a big no no. A few minutes into the flight I heard people blowing whistles. I started to shake and feverishly brought back Melmac. Someone rushed out and confronted me, threatened to throw me in jail. I let him talk and just kept apologizing until he simply let me go.

Stop 3, Akrokorinthos, a fortress on top of a mountain over looking Corinth. Again "Lefty" brought us here and as you can see there was virtually no one here as compared to the other scenic locations. Walking up the fortress is brutal. Steep incline in high altitudes on a rocky path was quite challenging.

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